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Call for "Friends of the World Congress"

Hello. My name is Howard Solomon and I was appointed temporary liaison to the Friends of the World Congress of GL Jewish Organizations, recently renamed WCGLBT Jews at our recent conference in NJ.

Historically, the Friends of the WC has been solely a fundraising arm. I am beginning the process of determining the best way to consider individual membership in the World Congress. This includes direct individual membership, creating a new member organization for unaffiliated members, and the extension of the Friends charter to allow for individual members. Any of these options will give individuals a representative voice in the workings of the WC. I am interested in input on how best to proceed. Anyone interested in helping me with this task or interested in being involved in the process, please contact me via email. Further, if there are things you want out of such an organization, please let me know.

Whatever the outcome regarding individual membership, the Friends represents an important fundraising vehicle for the WC. For those of you who have given a donation this year, I thank you. We will reconcile all records soon. For those who have not, I urge you to consider as generous a donation as you can. The minimum to maintain current Friends status remains $18. Further, if your company participates in matching gifts, please submit the appropriate forms so that your donation may go farther. Please email your pledge to me. Donations can then be mailed to:

World Congress of GLBT Jews
PO Box 23379
Washington, DC 20026-3379

A we approach the start of the World Congress' 2001 fiscal year and the High Holiday season, I wish to welcome you to a hopefully reinvigorated Friends organization. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


WCGLBJO Participates in the Millennium March on Washington

(Posted: 3 May 2000 | Pull: 1 September 2000) The World Congress along with hundreds of thousands of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Trans-gender, and their supporters marched and rallied on the mall in Washington D.C. on April 30, 2000.

For information regarding the special one-day symposium organized by the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum The Persecution of Homosexuals Under The Nazi Regime, contact the USMMHM (an external link that opens a new browser window.)

The World Congress marches in the parade March Photos by Drew Faber The Main Stage
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